news Prince Siddhartha School Tour
【人間社記者 Cebu Malaysia報導】 2017-09-15
Who is the Enlightened One? What is Three Acts of Goodness movement? Philippine Good Seedlings Project -- the 30 minutes version of "Siddhartha Musical" was presented last September 2 at FGS Chu Un Temple, Cebu City. It has attracted more than 120 audience. The lively interaction between Ananda and the audience, all folks came to know the compassion and wisdom the Prince cultured to attain enlightenment. This school tour is to promote Three Acts of Goodness (TAG) through the life of Prince Siddhartha to school children.

Junrey Alayacyac, who played the role of prince in "Siddhartha Musical" and TAG Ambassador appointed, is a newly-born director of this school tour version. He challenged the young performers to take on production works, such as making pros, light design, costume design, and moving set. The artists' graceful dance movements and beautiful voice replayed the life of Buddha, from birth to renunciation, to enlightenment and resolving problems. It has fully conveyed the concept of "do good deeds, speak good words, think good thoughts". Audience applauded and cheered, some indeed were moved to tears.

"Many principals from different schools take the initiative of requesting this musical to be shown in their schools" said by Head Abbess of Philippine Fo Guang Shan, Venerable Yung Guang. "Siddhartha Musical has officially formed Three Acts of Goodness Scool Campus. The principals and teachers were burst into tears as they watched the show, they were touched by the spirit of TAG."

Venerable Master Hsing Yun apprehended the optimistic nature and musical talents of Filipinos, he then formed the "Siddhartha Musical", so as the young art lovers has an opportunity to develop their talents, which eventually changed their lives.

Venerable Yung Guang pointed out that this show has surpassed ordinary musical, it is a banquet with combination of music, cultural arts that propagate Dharma.

In a Christian country, "Siddhartha Musical" has guided the audience to appreciated from the point of view of arts, and further understand the contents of the story. The "Good Seedlings Plan" of Philippine Fo Guang Shan trained 17 artists, they compressed the "Siddhartha Musical" into 30 minutes for presentation in schools, which let Buddha walk into different schools in the Philippines, to teach students three acts of goodness. Many devotees successively showed their support.

Benjie, though a Christian, had played the role of Buddha for 10 years. He has passed the baton to 2nd generation Prince Siddhartha played by Junrey, they led together new and old performers for the 30 minutes version of "Siddhartha Musical". They work hand in hand for wide spread of TAG to schools, and deeply plowing for the blessings in promoting TAG.

Junrey has mentioned, in the 30 minutes version, one can feel the compassionate vow of Buddha. He hopes that through the 30 versions, students will know who Buddha is and practice three acts of goodness by interacting with the characters. Annice, a child from marginal family shared that is was so fun when Ananda approaced them and asked if they saw Prince Siddhartha. The principal thankfully said, "The musical let her know a great man - Buddha"