Over 2000 prayer Relic makes grand re-entrance
【人間社記者 Liu Ming Han synthesis report報導】 2017-12-06
  • 圖說:The 30th anniversary of Buddha Relic recovery at Famen Temple took place at Famen Temple Cultural Scenic Area. 人間社記者Hui Qing攝

  • 圖說:The Most Venerable Xue Cheng delivered an address. 人間社記者Hui Qing攝

  • 圖說:The 30th Anniversary of Buddha Relic recovery at Famen Temple activities. 圖/www.fjnet.com提供

The commemorative event of the 30th anniversary of Buddha relic recovery at Famen Temple took place in grandeur at Baoji Famen Temple on November 22nd and 23rd. Over two thousand members of the Sangha and devotees from Thailand, Singapore, Korea, Japan, Myanmar, Nepal, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, US, and Taiwan, participated in the assembly to pray for world peace.

With the main title of “Buddha Relic Lightening the Past and Present”, it is hoped the event can strengthen Buddhist infrastructures, the spreading of Buddha’s teachings, the passing of heritages, and the cohesive power of Chinese cultures. This event, under the guidance of Buddhist Association of China, was organized by Buddhist Association of Shaanxi Province, and hosted by Buddhist Association of Baoji City and Famen Temple with Famen Temple Buddhism Cultural Park Administration Committee, Famen Temple Buddhist College, and Buddhist Association of Fufeng County as co-organizers.

On the 23rd, in the midst of bell and drum sounds, the government officials and the venerables walked solemnly with palms joined into the Anjali Mudra Sarira Pagoda’s Buddha’s hall. At 9 AM, the ceremony began and was led by Vice President of Buddhist Association of Shaanxi Province, President of Buddhist Association of Baoji City, and Ven. Xian Kong, the Director of Famen Temple.

Congratulations and Greetings from All Over the world

Vice President of Buddhist Association of China and the 11th Panchen Erdeni Qoigyi Gyibo wrote the following words for the event: “The great Chinese dream brings blessing to all, Buddha’s light shines on road of blessing and prosperity”. Many honorable venerables and Buddhist groups and organizations from China and the overseas offered their congratulations, including President of the World Fellowship of Buddhists, H. E. Phan Wannamethee; President of United Nations Day of Vesak International Executive Committee; President of Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University of Thailand and Abbot of Bangkok Paak Wing Zi, the Most Ven. Phra Brahmapundit; All India Bhikkhu Sangha Congress; Vietnamese Buddhist Sangha; Association of Korean Buddhist Orders; Japan-China-Korea Buddhism Cultural Exchange Association; Deputy President of UN Day of Vesak International Executive Committee, Ven. Tampalawela Dhammaratana; Nepalese Traditional Buddhist Association; Lumbini Buddhist University; Sri Lanka Siam Nikaya; Sri Lanka Amarapura Nikaya and Ramanna Nikaya; Ven.Huai Jin of Buddhist Association of Canada; Mongolian International Buddhist Confederation; Shaanxi Association of Thailand; Hong Kong Buddhist Association; Buddhist Association of Republic of China; Pannasastra University of Cambodia; Hong Kong Po Lin Monastery; Taiwan Fo Guang Shan Monastery; etc.

Friendship Among Temples - Signing Ceremony

At the same time there was a signing ceremony to formalize friendship between temples where Famen Temple signed with Taiwan Fo Guang Shan Monastery and Hong Kong Po Lin temple. The Most Ven. Xue Cheng, Abbot of Famen Temple, the Most Ven. Hsin Bao, the Head Abbot of Taiwan Fo Guang Shan Monastery, and the Most Ven. Jing Yin, the Abbot of Hong Kong Po Lin Temple signed the ceremonial document. The Most Ven. Hsin Bao, on behalf of Venerable Master Hsing Yun, presented a gift of the master’s “One-Stroke Calligraphy” with the sentence: [The Moon is Reflected in a Thousand Rivers, Without Clouds the Sky is Vast ] to Famen Temple. The gift was accepted by the Most Ven. Xue Cheng.

Applying the Prajna to Adapt the New Era

In his opening ceremony address, the Most Ven. Xue Cheng talked about how in the modernization of socialism, Buddhism and Buddhist culture can use the dharma nature of prajna to adapt to the new era. Famen Temple will follow the words of wisdom given at Famen Temple 30 years ago by the former President of Buddhist Association of China, Mr. Zhao Pu-chu, ‘Use your heart to look both far and near, think of both present and future when dealing with matter’, ‘this rare moment made by affinity, use Buddhism to aid in cultural governance.’, to continue the longevity of the Famen temple.

Sound Practice of Humanistic Buddhism Strengthens Interaction among Hong Kong-Macau-Taiwan

Jianyong Jiang, Deputy Director of the State Bureau of Religious Affairs, said the re-appearance of Buddha finger relic delivers a great opportunity for the globalization of Chinese Buddhism and represents the renaissance of Chinese culture. It is hoped that Buddhist Association of China, Buddhist Association of Shaanxi Province, and Famen Temple take this event as a turning point to lead the assembly of Buddhists to spread the outstanding traditions of Buddhism, practice the concept of Humanistic Buddhism, and develop the new field for the localization of Buddhism in China. At the same time, it is to be strengthened for the friendly interaction with outsiders, to fortify the Buddhism golden belt of China-Korea-Japan, and to enhance the interaction, exchange, and cooperation with Buddhists in Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan."

Ceremony launches a series of activities

After the commemorative event, ‘The 30th anniversary of Buddha Relic Recovery at Famen Temple: Prayer Service for World Peace and Offer of Respect for the Buddha Relic’ was led by the Most Venerable Xue Cheng, with over two thousand monastics and lay devotees participated, to pray for a prosperous country and peace and good health for its people.

During the commemorative event, there were other activities held simultaneously, the "30th Anniversary of Buddha Relic Recovery at Famen Temple" panel discussion, the "Relic Recovery Prayer-Famen Temple Thousand Persons Praying and Light-Passing" Dharma service, and the "30th Anniversary of Buddha Relic Recovery at Famen Temple" exhibition of precious documents, pictures and other articles. The honorable guests also watched the big production of "Famen’s Past", experiencing the performance in a style involving mutual engagements, as they stepped into a time warp revisiting its history and culture.

The VIP who attended the ceremony included Zengjun Wei, Vice Governor of Shaanxi Province; Lieke Zhu, Vice Chairman of Shaanxi Province Political Consultative Conference; Ninggang Zhang, Deputy Director of Shaanxi Province United Front Work Department and Director of Shaanxi Province Bureau of Religious Affairs; Jincai Hui, Mayor of Baoji City; Ven. Pa Song Lie Long Zhuang Meng, Ven. Zengqin, and Lama Hu Xuefeng, Vice Presidents of Buddhist Association of China; Liu Wai, Secretary General of Buddhist Association of China; Ven. Xue Liang, President of Sangha Mahayana Indonesia; Vice President of Singapore Buddhist Federation; Ven. Kwang Sheng, Chancellor of Buddhist College of Singapore; Ven. Sawai Chotiko, Vice Rector of Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University of Thailand and Abbot of Bangkok Wat Arun Ratchawararam; San Sochea,Vice President for Buddhist Sakyaputta International Institute of Pannasastra University of Cambodia; President of Myanmar Yangon Buddhist Association; Abbot Ba dan ping ya; Ven. Bhikkhu Maitri, President of Nepalese Lumbini Buddhist Association; Sri Lankan elder Te ting ke ma li anan de; Sri Lankan elder Ba lang gao de suo bi de; the past President of American Buddhist Confederation; Ven. Ry Fa, Abbot of New York Buddhist Peaceful Enlightenment Inc.; Representative for Tetsuo Ohtani, President of China-Japan Buddhism Cultural Exchange Association; Uri Ohtani, Deputy Abbot of Tokyo Chotaiji of Japan; the Most Ven. Hye Ja, Dharma Master of To An Temple of Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism; Ven. Kuanjing, Chairman of Buddhist Association of Macau; Liao Jang Hao, Chairman of Taiwan Tosun Trust, etc.

(Translated by Hungwen Jen of BLIA Detroit, USA)