One-Day Meditation Retreat
【人間社記者 Hsin Yi San Diego報導】 2017-12-20
  • 圖說:Traditional way of stretching before meditation. 人間社記者Cindy Cheu攝

  • 圖說:Everyone started with the sitting meditation. 人間社記者Cindy Cheu攝

  • 圖說:Marie led the stretching. 人間社記者Cindy Cheu攝

  • 圖說:Tea meditation. 人間社記者Cindy Cheu攝

  • 圖說:Mindful chores time. 人間社記者Cindy Cheu攝

  • 圖說:Checking in. 人間社記者Cindy Cheu攝

Fo Guang Shan Hsi Fang Temple held its last One-Day Meditation Retreat for the year. More than half of the participants had been to this meditation retreat. Participants experienced different mindful practices, from sitting to walking, standing, eating, cleaning to drinking tea. Venerable Miaozang shared the main purpose of Chan meditation is to be more aware of ourselves and be awaken to the Truth of life.

Meditation is not apart from daily living but it is part of our daily living. Starting from mindful breathing, we bring our attention to the present and being aware of our physical presence. With consistent practice of meditation, we train our mind to be alert and sharp. Without training of our mind, it is just like what the Buddha describes how the hindrances impact the mind by using the parable on a pool of clean water. When the retreat concluded, Alejandrina, who attended most of the One-Day Meditation retreat at the temple, commented that the retreat has helped her stay focused, especially when she teaches to the special needs children, she would be able to focus better to their needs one at the time. Kevin, who is one of the young adults at the temple, shared that meditation practice reminds him of awareness in harsh situation. Everyone looks forward to the new year with constant reminders of self-awareness.