McMaster 67 to 65 Overcomes Lyon
【作者:Wu Chin-Ho】 2017-07-30
  • 圖說:麥馬士達大學對上里昂大學女子聯隊。 人間社記者周倫攝

  • 圖說:麥馬士達大學險勝里昂大學女子聯隊。 人間社記者蘇少暘攝

  • 圖說:麥馬士達大學險勝里昂大學女子聯隊。 人間社記者蘇少暘攝

On July 26, Day 2 of BLIA Cup University Basketball Tournament, McMaster of Canada and Université de Lyon from France met for their first game. Players of both teams are fast playing and well-matched in their physique.

First half of the game saw Lyon’s Lola Bart made some very fast shots and scored 9 points personally, while McMaster’s Julia Hanaka made three 3-pointers and free throws, scoring 13 points, leading her team to finish the first half of the game with 39 to 29, leading with a 10-point game.

In the second half of the game, Lyon was recharged with energy with key player Clarisse Legrand scoring frequently, making a personal 19 points. At the end of the third period, Lyon was 8 points behind at 47 to 55. In the fourth period, Lyon maintained its flow of the third. With 5:41 left in the period, they pulled even at 57:57, and later advanced to win by 6 points at 65:59. With the clock ticking at
only 1:09 left in the game, McMaster scored two 3-pointers and Theresa Burns further saved the game with one more 2 point shot.

McMaster narrowly overcame Lyon with 2 points, winning the game with 67 to 65.

McMaster’s Hanaka scored 21 points, including five 3-pointers; Lyon’s Legrand made 24 points and 12 rebounds; Gohlisch scored 17 points and Bart had 12, all of whom were outstanding in their performance.