Liu Junqing’s commentary on teams at the BLIA Cup
【作者:Wu Chin-Ho】 2017-07-30
  • 圖說:關心籃球的璞園球隊總經理劉俊卿特地前來觀賽,評點各隊表現。 人間社記者戴良雄攝

A show down of international talent, Liu Junqing’s commentary on participating teams at the BLIA Cup

There are 8 teams participating in both women’s and men’s BLIA Cup, and each has shown their talent on July 26. Liu Junqing, Pure Youth Construction Basketball’s general manager, has also came to watch the tournament and has provided commentary on each team’s performance.

Liu Junqing states that, in terms of the men’s teams, three are from Taiwan, out of which Chien Hsin University of Science and Technology is the most watched. The team has an excellent coaching staff, and the selection of players and their training are very intensive, but because three of its players, Jian Youzhe (簡祐哲), Liu Renhao (劉仁豪) and Wang Honghan(黃泓瀚), have joined the national team and could not participate, despite the presence of foreign players, the team has lost two consecutive games and could not advance to the final four.

National Taiwan Normal University is the runner-up in the national university tournament, it has excellent coaching staff, and uses a unique training model. They showed promise when they played in Malaysia two months ago. Although they lost to Nagoya University, but their strength should not be underestimated and they are worth to watch.

Chun Chou University of Science and Technology’s tactis is speed but are also good at making 3-pointers. Although they lost to Southern California’s Vanguard University in their first game, but their skills are not weak and can be seen as a threat to other teams. Chun Chou’s quick speed brings excitement to the game and to the people watching it.

The talented Southern California’s Vanguard University is considered to be ‘short’ among the American teams, but with its flexibility, speed and strength, they have already won two games and gained entrance to the final four.

Japan’s Nagoya University focuses on collective performance and teamwork instead of utilizing individual talents as main strategy. Meticulous defence, quick offence and strength in taking rebounds, much can be learned from their tactics.

Philippines’ De La Salle University is the champion team from the Philippino university league, its skills are superb, and has many hardcore fans in the country. A government official from the Philippines has even flown in to watch the team to play, it is a team not to be missed as seen from its fan base.

Beijing’s Tsinghua University is a team not to be underestimated. Because Tsinghua is one of the top universities in the capital, its players are ranked among the top, their foundational skills are strong, and rich in experience. It is a team to watch.

France’s Universite de Lyon did not perform well last year due to their unfamiliarity to the venue. After a year’s training, its flexibility, offence and defence have made significant improvements. In its first game against Nagoya, the team took the stronghold from the beginning and completely dominated the game.

Among the women’s team, Taiwan has two representative. Fo Guang University has participated every year and has shown growth over time and is no longer a stranger to international games and shows increasing stability. Normal University is among the top three in the country, but has not participated in the BLIA Cup for the past two, three years. The team has returned stronger than ever, and it is one team not to be missed.

The Nagoya team focuses on teamwork and meticulous tactics. They lost to Fo Guang University in their first game due to unfamiliarity to the venue. They showed their strength in the second game and led the game against Vanguard University with 26 points, showing promise in future games.

Southern California’s Vanguard University lacks in experience and is not as strong as the men’s team. But this can be due to their unfamiliarity with the venue, therefore, it is still a team worth to watch for. Beijing Tsinghua University has a talented roster and superb tactics, it has already won its first game against Taiwan Normal University with 28 points, its strong skill set has wowed the audience.

Canada’s McMaster University was last year’s men’s champion, and its women’s team came to play this year. It won over Lyon in its first game, albeit a very close game, it has made a small step towards becoming the winner of the tournament.

France’s Universite de Lyon lost to McMaster in the first game by 2 points but it was able to tie the game several times during the game. Its talent is not to be underestimated.

The Malaysian team has participated every year, and its strength has increased year after year. This year it has already won the Southeast Asian tournament, and it is a team to watch. After a thorough analysis, a seasoned Liu Junqing thinks all the teams have their own strengths and advantages, which promises a very exciting tournament to watch, no one can predict which teams can reach the top three until the last minute.