Hurricane Harvey Ravages Texas - BLIA provides dis
【人間社記者 Xīn dù America報導】 2017-09-01
  • 圖說:Chung Mei Temple, Houston, Texas provides shelter. Image provided by Chung Mei Temple. 圖/Chung Mei Temple提供

  • 圖說:Photo comparing the expressway pre- and post- flooding. Photo provided by the NY Chaobao news. 圖/NY Chaobao news提供

  • 圖說:BLIA and the city cooperate by bringing food to Stafford high school and other locations. Photo provided by Chung Mei temple. 圖/Chung Mei temple提供

  • 圖說:BLIA members prepare food for hurricane victims. Photo provided by Chung Mei Temple. 圖/Chung Mei Temple提供

  • 圖說:BLIA provides a location and food, to allow victims a safe place to rest. Photo provided by Chung Mei Temple. 圖/Chung Mei Temple提供

  • 圖說:Home of a family was damaged by the hurricane. The mother and son are seen awaiting rescue along the road side. Photo provided by the Associated Press, Agence France Presse. 圖/Associated Press, Agence France Presse提供

Hurricane Harvey, the largest hurricane recorded in Texas, struck on Aug 25th with winds of 215 km, it was labeled a Category 4 hurricane. There was nearly 9 trillion gallons of rainfall on the area. This heavy rain resulted in local disaster in Houston, paralyzing the entire southeastern part of Texas and its surrounding areas.

According to a CNN report, there were 250,000 people without electricity, many roads were overwhelmed by the strong winds, and the floods which caused massive destruction. Many homes were flooded and the Governor declared a state of emergency. This disaster caused at least 24 deaths, and thousands of people were evacuated. It is estimated that tens of thousands are still awaiting for rescue.

Currently, the weather has become cleared in the Texas area. Fo Guang Shan Chung Mei Temple and the BLIA took initiative to cooperate with the local government by opening their venue to provide relief and shelter. The homeless expressed their gratitude to Chung Mei temple for reaching out for them in such a difficult time.

Viewing the closure of the airport in Houston, the BLIA director Aaron Wang provided the use of a private airport to the government to facilitate the necessary transportation of goods and people. A local community professor and temple volunteer Steven Long also came to the Chung Mei temple to help make meals and to give support to the children.

The hurricane has since passed the Texas area and the BLIA has taken steps to assist the community in relief work in conjunction with the local municipal government. BLIA has provided food to a Stafford High school and other communities as a means to provide disaster relief.