Google and Raytheon Engineers Inspire Youth at HLT
【人間社記者 Lorena Aguilar Los Angeles報導】 2017-10-22
  • 圖說:Google engineer David Lu introduces what software engineers do. 人間社記者Simon Kuo攝

  • 圖說:Raytheon engineer Chris Richards tells the students the importance of never stop learning. 人間社記者Simon Kuo攝

  • 圖說:Venerable Youheng advises students about selecting their career. 人間社記者Simon Kuo攝

  • 圖說:Students listen attentively and take notes. 人間社記者Simon Kuo攝

  • 圖說:David Lu gives out souvenirs from Google and encourages students to turn dreams into reality. 人間社記者Simon Kuo攝

Hsi Lai Temple’s “Dharma School for Youth” program invited three engineers on October 15, 2017, to speak at the temple as part of the program’s weekly themed curriculum.

Fifteen high school and middle school students along with their teachers welcomed the engineers on Sunday for that week’s topic “Engineering Our Life.” Guest speakers talked about their work as engineers and answered questions from students who showed interest in the field.

Chris Richards, Senior Principal Systems Engineer at Raytheon, David Lu, Senior Software Engineers at Google, and Venerable Youheng, former Senior Firmware Engineer at bioMerieux and current Director of Social Education Department at Hsi Lai Temple, provided a glimpse into the role of engineers and advised students.
Chris Richards described the characteristics of not being “just an engineer,” but of being a good engineer.

“If you’re a good engineer you never stop learning. Engineering is not all about success. A failure is not a failure if you learn from it.” Venerable Youheng advised High School seniors about selecting careers.

“The most important part is to do what you like and what interests you.”
In David Lu’s presentation, students saw through the lens of engineers at Google who are impacting the world. He showed students how engineers use data to create music, glowing clothes, and listed the different career paths that engineers can follow.

“Software engineers are the designers of the digital world,” said David Lu. “You are not just writing codes, but you are turning dreams into reality.”

At the end of the presentations, students shared with the class the different life lessons they learned from the speakers and expressed how they felt motivated.

Scott Gabel, Dharma School for Youth teacher, said, “Personal development is taught in the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual formations; inviting guest speakers to class helps youth discover their interest. We use fundamentals of Master Hsing Yun’s Humanistic Buddhism to help them form spiritual development.” He continued, “We use a Humanistic Buddhist approach to teach them life skills.”

The Dharma School for Youth program features classes designed to encourage teens to form personal, spiritual, and professional development. The classes focus on helping students develop their confidence, public speaking, leadership, team collaboration, and decision-making. Next class topic will be “Diamond Under Pressure” with guest speaker Psychologist Lorraine Viade.

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