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Getting help in time,Lin Wen Xuan was pulled back

【作者:Hou Ya Lun】 2017-12-20
Lost teenager was pulled back in time

There is nothing more precious in the world than being pulled back from being on the wrong track. Lin Wen Xuan, 17 years old this year, had lost his way and had been expelled from school for being too rebellious. Luckily, his parents and fate had never abandoned him and he met someone who helped him at the right moment. Thus, this off-track train running towards a cliff was pulled back in time and was put on the right track.

Pulling back in time and self-reflection were the most precious gift in life he received at 16. Within just this one year, he transformed from a marginalized person, perceived as hopeless by others, into a young man who understood his goals clearly and was more mature than people of his age. This change was described by him as “while the road in life is bumpy, I have learned to walk on it stably”.

Lin Wen Xuan is from Ipoh city, State of Perak of Malaysia. Currently he is studying in the Department of Tourism in Pu Men High School in Kaoshiung Taiwan. Not long ago, he published an article describing the story behind his receipt of 32 awards. This story tells about him getting lost, hurting his family, shedding of tear of his parents, having rare opportunities and affinity to meet his beloved teacher, enlightenment in life, and the courage of standing up.

Sin Chew Daily contacted this overseas Chinese student from Malaysia who is now in Taiwan to hear his story of transformation. On the phone, he talked about his rebellious past, his gratitude to people who helped him, and his full confidence in the future. It is hard to imagine that he used to be a problem youth in everybody’s eyes. Just as he wrote in his article, “I received 32 awards in various competitions in Taiwan. When you see me today, you definitely would not to relate me to a student expelled from school, a youngster escaping home, and a child causing my parents heartbreak”.

Extremely Rebellious, Expelled from school at Third Year of Junior High School

Lin Wen Xuan came from a middle class family with a younger brother and a younger sister. His parents both have regular jobs and provide him with a normal, abundant material and learning environment. Unfortunately, in the first year of Junior High school, his behavior became more and more extreme and rebellious in order to fight against parental disciplines. Not only had he escaped from home, he also hit his mother physically. His behavior broke his mother’s heart and she developed depression.

He got even worse in the third year of Junior High school, always fighting and causing troubles. Consequently, his mother was frequently summoned by the school officials and her depression became much more serious. Finally, he was expelled from school.

He said, “At the third year of Junior High school, while my classmates received Junior High School graduation certificates, I received discharge certificate because I didn’t graduate. I was expelled.”

Encountered a benefactor and changed his life.

His mother went to his school many times to ask for forgiveness so that he could continue his study. But the school would never accept such bad behaved student and rejected him.

Without going to school, he slept till noon every day. At night he mingled with young gangsters, causing troubles and had a decadent life. His physically and mentally exhausted mother did not know how to discipline him. Until one day, his mother sent him to the Fo Guang Shan Meditation Center in Ipoh and begged Venerable Whei Hsin to educate her naughty son. This decision changed Lin Webn Xuan’s life from that day on.

“I thank Venerable Whei Hsin for his compassionate care and guidance, which nurture me even today. Without this rare affinity, I am possibly still a miserable young man now. It was very tough in this period. Every day I followed Venerable Whei Hsin’s daily routine in learning how to complete morning lessons, how to prepare meals, and how to take care of various errands in the temple”. He wrote in the article. 。

From knowing nothing to contemplating about the future.

The transformation from eating, drinking and playing every day to waking up at 4, 5 am in early morning every day to do morning lessons was a torture to Lin Wen Xuan. What’s worst is “not arguing when he was being reprimanded, a rule Venerable Whei Hsin requested of him”. The idea of “giving up” occurred in his mind many times.

In the spring festival of 2016, he accompanied Venerable Whei Hsin to Fo Guang Shan Tong Zeng Temple to do volunteer work. He happened to read a book by Venerable Master Hsing Yun which got him thinking about his life.

“That was in New Year and Tong Zeng Temple was celebrating lantern festival. I followed Venerable Whei Hsin to be a volunteer responsible for traffic control. There were Indians in the team and I came across foreign tourists frequently. However, at that time I was unable to speak Malay or English. I kept asking myself: Why don’t I continue to study when I am still at the age of schooling? Do I want to continue to be like this forever?”

After seeing the capability of the people around him”, he started to think of his future at age 16.

A visit of a middle school in Taiwan and the desire to continue schooling

Later, he went to Fo Guang Shan in Taiwan to attend the International Young Adult Conference, and visited the Pu Men Middle School in Kaohsiung. He then had the thought of applying to this school to continue his schooling.

While hesitating of whether to continue schooling, he went to Philippines with a delegation to attend the Asian Young Adult Regional Conference. There he saw children in the slums who were lack of material and with no chance of attending school. He self-reflected deeply, and finally understood that the opportunities he had were very valuable so he decided to complete his middle school education in Taiwan.

The process of applying to study in Taiwan was cumbersome. His mother, living in Ipoh, had to make multiple trips to Kuala Lumpur to complete the application. Although it was tiring both mentally and physically, his mother had no complaint as seeing her son’s willingness to go back to school. Her depression also improved a lot.

It was “DETERMINATION” behind 32 awards.

At 16, he was successfully admitted by the Pu Men High School with Venerable Whei Hsin‘s recommendation. Upon the encouragement from the principal and teachers, as well as the determination to prove his capability, he worked hard and participated in many competitions relating to tourism. This includes cooking, tour guide, city simulations, etc. So far he has received 32 competition awards.

Behind these awards is the determination of never giving up, proving oneself, and being recognized by others. While he is “gaining”, he also appreciates the joy of “giving”. He often works as volunteers in Fo Guang Shan after school hours to repay the good affinity that helped him when he sunk to the lowest and gave him the opportunity to regain his life.

Lin Wen Xuan is very grateful to his parents, Fo Guang Shan, teachers at Pu Men High School, and beloved Venerable Whei Hsin. He understands that his opportunity of becoming a better person is due to their persistance of not giving up on him and giving him the chance to continue his education.

“I am thankful to my parents’ insistence, the compassionate guidance from the Venerable, the international stage provided by Fo Guang Shan, and the nurture of Pu Men High School. I thank you for making me who I am today, and I vow to use my action to prove that I will meet your expectations”.

“The time of transformation was at the right moment. If I got the opportunity at 18, I might not want to go back to high school due to my pride. I might not be able to turn back if I realize my mistakes at 18.”

To his parents whose hearts were once broken by him, Lin Wen Xuan said, “I am not good at expressing myself, but I want to tell them this, “you have been working hard for me. Thank you for never abandoning me.”
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