Fo Guang Shan Show Creation Art
【人間社記者 楊惠如 Kaohsiung報導】 2017-09-16
  • 圖說:Figure: Pottery works of FGS Monastics. 人間社記者Ching Zhi Liang攝

  • 圖說:Venerable 如常 introducing Venerable Chueh Ju’s Line emoji design to the attendees. 人間社記者Ching Zhi Liang攝

  • 圖說:Deputy Abbot Hui Chao and his photography. 人間社記者Ching Zhi Liang攝

  • 圖說:Opening speech of Abbot Hin Bao about Venerable Master Hsing Yun’s propagation of Buddhism into arts and how he looks forward to that with art, the spreading of Buddhism can reach to more people. 人間社記者Chin Zhi Liang攝

  • 圖說:Ribbon cutting of the Beauty of Buddha’s Light 2017 at Fo Guang Yuan Art Gallery on 9/9. 人間社記者Ching zhi Liang攝

  • 圖說:Calligraphy of Tai Hua Temple Abbot Hsin Ding. 人間社記者Chin Zhi Liang攝

"The Beauty of Buddha’s Light – Fo Guang Shan 2017 Monastic Artwork Exhibition" opened on September 9 at Fo Guang Yuan Art Gallery. Nearly 300 people joined the opening event. Following the 2011 "Bodhi Art", 2013 "A Gathering of Ocean and Clouds", FGS hosted the exhibit of monastic artwork from around the world once again. There are more than 220 works on display, covering photography, painting, calligraphy, pottery and a great many more. In the opening ceremony, Venerables of FGS traditional chinese music class and Humanistic Singing Class performed and showed the talent of FGS Monastics. The performance was well received with earnest applause.

FGS Abbot Hsin Bao on behalf of the organizers pointed out that the Buddhist artworks on display were created with efficient time management. Venerable Master Hsing Yun applies the propagation of Buddhism into arts and look forward to that with art, the spreading of Buddhism can reach to more people.

Tian Qing, director of Religious Art Center at Chinese Art Institute, said that he has over 20 years of history with FGS. Every time he returns to FGS, he has renewed sentiment. After listening to the performance of the Venerables, he commended it was a performance from the heart. It’s not only beautiful but also pure and virtuous. Artworks of FGS Monastics will for sure carry forward the essence of Buddhism.

Professor Hung Ken-shen of Department of Fine Arts from Kaohsiung Teacher’s University said that these artworks of FGS Monastics are the best demonstration of the Beauty of Buddha’s Light that bring forth the pure and goodness of Humanistic Buddhism. Through art, culture and education, the seeds of Humanistic Buddhism are sown for harvest.

Deputy Abbot Hui Chao of FGS said that Venerable Master Hsing Yun has provided a great platform for all. The Venerables can extend their talents to incorporate Buddhism into artworks and to incorporate arts into Buddhism. In additional to the external beauty, these artworks also represent the intention of the creators. Venerable Daopu cited Venerable Master Hsing Yun’s “Hsing Yun Diary” that there are a great many pieces of raw jade awaiting to be carved and polished at FGS. Venerable Dao Pu said if I were a raw stone, the best blessing I’ve had is that I came to the right place and have met Venerable Master Hsing Yun and all the good people for the best carving. Venerable Dao Pu stated Venerable Master Hsing Yun has provided a garden of goodness and virtue to allow the seeds to grow. In this exhibit, the photography, calligraphy, comics, pottery, and poster design were all created collectively. The collaboration is where the joy of the exhibitors resides.

Venerable Tzi Hui , Venerable Tzi Jung and many guests joined the ribbon cutting at the exhibition opening. Venerable Ru Chang introduced the artworks. The artworks include calligraphy of Abbot Hsin Ding, photography of Deputy Abbot Hui Chao, poster designs from the past, original sketch, pottery, and emojis for Line. Many of the exhibitors were at the site showing their works. Some of them have art related background. Many are untrained. This showed the artistic side of the Monastics of FGS in addition to their dedication to Buddhism. (Interpreter: Karen Sun)