Fo Guang 72 to 52 defeated Nagoya Gakuin
【作者:Wu Chin-Ho】 2017-07-30
  • 圖說:佛光大學力克名古屋學院大學。 人間社記者趙啟超攝

  • 圖說:佛光大學與名古屋學院大學。 人間社記者賴易暘攝

  • 圖說:佛光大學與名古屋學院大學。 人間社記者吳卓穎攝

2017 BLIA Cup Day 1- Fo Guang University quickly defeated Nagoya Gakuin University in a 72-52 win

The fourth preliminary game on the first day of the 2017 BLIA Cup University basketball tournament was played by last year’s women’s team winner Fo Guang University against the Japanese women’s team from Nagoya Gakuin University. The game from both sides were tight on defense, however during the second half Fo Guang team was quick to score against Nagoya with a 72 to 52 win for Fo Guang University.

Within three minutes Fo Guang University was in the lead of 8:5. But later both sides casted 20 shots within 6 minutes. Fo Guang University casted 11 shots with 1 success and Nagoya casted 9 with 2 baskets bringing the score to 15:12

During the second quarter both teams played a tight game with Wei Yu Chun (魏于淳) from Fo Guang University being given the ball several times in the restricted area. The Nagoya team fouled on her several times and allowed 4 free throws to land 7 points. Kaede Seyama (楓瀨山) of Nagoya Gakuin University had two 3 pointers which allowed the team to catch up to Fo Guang University. At halftime, the score was 31 Fo Guang University to 29 Nagoya Gakuin University.

The buzzer sound marked the beginning of the second half yet the Fo Guang had yet to appear, as the crowd marvelled in the suspense, the team finally appeared a minute later by running into the court. There was a lot of tactical change in the court with fast breaks and watchful defense made by the Fo Guang team. This change resulted in Nagoya scoring no points with 3 mins and 20 seconds till the end of the period. In contrast, Fo Guang team member Yang Zhiyu (楊芷榆) score two 2- pointers with a penalty leading the Fo Guang team to a 55 to 37 lead. Luo PeiZhen (羅培甄) from Pu Men High School, this year’s national high school basketball league champion, now plays for Fo Guang university and she scored a three pointer.

During the fourth quarter, Nagoya made some slight improvement but the Fo Guang team ended the game with a 72 to 52 win, a 20 point lead over Nagoya.

A total of 10 Fo Guang players scored points. Yang Zhiyu (楊芷榆) was the highest scorer in the game with 22 points, Wei Yuchun (魏于淳) with 11, Peng Huizhen (彭惠貞) and Wang Jingting (王竫婷) each with 10 rebounds, and Nagoya’s Ayana Nakayama and Kaede Seyama had 12 points each.