East London Mosque Will come to Taiwan
【人間社記者 Xin Xiang London報導】 2017-12-02
  • 圖說:FGS Abbess Ven. Miao Shiang (R.3), Ven. Miao Lung (L.2) and BLIA London President Alex Lee (L.3), who visited East London Mosque, the newly appointed CEO Nozmul Hussain (R.2). 人間社記者Alex攝

On November 17, 2017, London Fo Guan Shan Temple Abbess Venerable Miao Shiang, Ven. Miao Lung, and BLIA London President Alex Lee visited the largest "East London Mosque" in London to meet up with two senior Muslim clerics. Both confirmed their intentions to participate in "When Buddha Meets the Gods Events – Faith Concert for Love and Peace" on Dec 25 in Fo Guang Shan Taiwan.

East London Mosque was completed in 1985 and it can accommodate 5000 worshippers. It serves as an educational and contemporary cultural centre. The newly appointed CEO, Nozmul Hussain, commenced his role on October 2 with the conceptual goals of localization and continued development of the community. He has served as the President of the Community Foundation in Birmingham and has completed strategic planning that has benefitted many Muslim communities.

Venerable Miao Shiang, officially invited the East London Mosque to participate the event on Dec 25 in Fo Guang Shan Taiwan "When Buddha Meets the Gods Events - Faith Concert for Love and Peace ". Two senior Muslim clerics, Dr. Abdullah Fali, Director of Southern Hemisphere Strategy and Research Centre and Imam Fadel Soliman, Director of Bridges Foundation both confirmed their participation. Ven. Miao Shiang looked to the future for more opportunities for youth exchanges with the East London Mosque to enable youth to learn and respect different religious beliefs, broaden their horizons, and foster equality in the new generation ethnic groups.

The CEO Normul Hussain expressed that East London Mosque adheres to the world with respect and justice and offers a series of courses and practices to enable young people and women to learn and work in a safe environment. There is an increasing number of young people who are actively involved in the study programs at mosques to help deal with their anti-social behaviour and to tackle the problems of drugs, extremism and gangs.

The East London Mosque houses a women’s protection centre, and the manager Sufia Alam has worked for the rights of Muslim women for 20 years addressing issues of discrimination, inequality and the abuse of Muslim women. She admired the view of Venerable Master Hsing Yun on gender equality after recognizing Ven. Miao Shiang who holds a position as the Deputy Chief Abbess of Fo Guang Shan Europe.

(Translated by Joanne See of Fo Guang Shan Temple of Toronto, Canada)