De La Salle 110 to 103 over Chien Hsin
【作者:Wu Chin-Ho】 2017-07-30
  • 圖說:健行科技大學與德拉薩大學。 人間社記者梁清秩攝

  • 圖說:健行科技大學終場以7分飲恨,輸給德拉薩大學。 人間社記者蘇少暘攝

  • 圖說:健行科技大學終場以7分飲恨,輸給德拉薩大學。 人間社記者賴易暘攝

During the third game of the 2017 BLIA Cup International University Basketball Tournament, Taiwan’s power team from Chien Hsin University faced off against the Philippine’s De La Salle University. American Benoit Mbala Mendzana of De La Salle dominated the first half of the match with over 20 points. The other main attraction of the game was the female referee from Macau, Li Si Min.

Rookie Xie Yaxuan had a tremendous showing scoring 21 points in the game, even though he has not been with this group for long. However, no player from Chien Hsin was able to break down Benoit as he was just too strong. He finished with 37 points, plus 13 rebounds (7 offensive, 6 defensive), to lead De La Salle to a 110-103 win in the end.

De La Salle was up 48-41 at first half thanks to Benoit.

Shi Bo’en from St Vincent Island, currently studying at Chien Hsin University, was Benoit’s toughest opponent in their attempt to stop De La Salle. In the meantime, second-year students, Lin Junii and Zhu Yunhao from Chien Hsin University, stepped up their offense and worked together to add 19 points, putting them down by only 1 point at 70:71 at the end of 3rd quarter.

End of the 4rd quarte De La Salle 110 to 103 over Chien Hsin.

Newcomer Xie Yaxuan continued to outperform in the final quarter as he managed to close the gap at various times in the game. Unfortunately, key player Zhu Yunhao fouled out of the game after committing his 5th foul. La Salle’s Abul Jahal and Ricci Paolo Rivero took this opportunity to score 9 points, resulted in a 7-point loss for Chien Hsin.

Chien Hsin University had 3 players who scored over 20 points: Xie Yaxuan with 21, Lin Junji with 26, and Zhu Yunhao with 23. It was a pity that there were 4 players who fouled out, costing them the game.