Buddha’s member invited by Malaysia National Day
【人間社記者 Fǎ xuān Malaysia報導】 2017-09-02
Malaysia celebrated its 60th Anniversary National Day on 31 August 2017. This year the National Unity Department specially invited various religious organizations to attend the event, 500 seats were reserved for Buddhist organizations. Eighty people from Fo Guang Shan Malaysia attended the National Day Celebration. Chief Abbess of Fo Guang Shan Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia Venerable Jue Cheng was among the 50 VIPS of religious associations being invited. Venerable Jue Cheng was touched as this is the first time she participated in the event and had the opportunity to watch the live performances presented by various ethnic groups.

Fo Guang members and members of BLIA Young Adult Division went to the Merdeka Square at 5am to participate in the 60th Anniversary National Day Celebration, they gave strong applauses to the performers and waved the national flag to express their love for Malaysia.

This year’s National Day main theme is “My Country, Our Hearts As One”. Fifty thousand people attended the event. Performances showing the process of Malaysia seeking independence from 1941 to 1957 were presented to reflect the joy of a nation’s independence.

According to official data, the National Day celebration had 18076 participants, which included students, policemen, the army, the orchestra etc. There were also 321 assets of the navy, the land forces and the air force which encompassed armoured cars, police dogs, policemen, tanks and jet planes.

The National Day celebration approached its end at 10.30am, the event ended with song and dance performances by various ethnic groups.