Buddha‘s finger relic in Taiwan for friendly
【人間社記者 Xin Hua Summary Report報導】 2017-12-02
  • 圖說:Monastics and worshippers gather for the Dharma function of Famen Temple’s Buddha's Finger Relic’s visit to Taiwan. 圖/Fo Guang Shan Temple提供

  • 圖說:Buddha's Finger Relic is from China Xian Famen Temple. The relic was transported by air under 400 people's surveillance, including Venerable Master Hsing Yun, Wu Po-Hsiung, and Liao Zheng-Hao. First stop was at National Taiwan University Sports Center. 圖/Fo Guang Shan Temple提供

When many people from mainland China and Taiwan talk about Famen Temple’s Buddha’s Finger Relic, what comes to mind is the worship ceremonies of Buddha's Finger Relic in Taiwan in 2002.

Buddhism transcended borders and facilitated the connection between people from Mainland China and Taiwan. In 2001, Fo Guang Shan initiated "The Welcoming of Buddha's Finger Relic to Taiwan" from mainland China under the principle of "Within secure and safe conditions, the unity of people joining to welcome the relic and staying together to worship under the guidance of Hsing Yun." In February of 2002, Venerable Master Hsing Yun led a group to escort Famen Temple’s Buddha's Finger Bone Relic to Taiwan for people to worship. Its arrival caused a great surge of excitement in Taiwan. For the duration of 37 days, thousands of people celebrated its presence. A record of 80 million visits were made to the relic. The relic's presence in Taiwan also facilitated a harmonious gathering of the Chinese people.

When the relic arrived from Xian, China to Taiwan, there were more than five million worshippers at Taipei and Kaohsiung who greeted its arrival. To make it easier for Buddhist worshippers throughout Taiwan to worship, there were altars set up along the ways to Taipei Gymnasium, Fo Guang Shan Jin Guang Ming Temple, Taichung Gymnasium, and Chung Tai Chan Monastery in Nantou County. Once the relic arrived at Fo Guang Shan Monastery in Kaohsiung, millions of people gathered to worship. A remarkable and memorable moment was experienced at Kaohsiung National Stadium's Dharma function, where one million people stayed up all night to chant the name of the Buddha before the relic returns to Xian. The sight manifests the unity of heaven and humanity, where the Buddha and all sentient beings are joined as one. The presence of Buddha's Finger Relic in Taiwan not only joined Taiwan's Buddhist communities together, but it also set an ideal example of communication between the people of mainland China and Taiwan.

The moment when people saw Buddha's Finger Relic, many couldn't help themselves from kneeling down with their heads touching the ground. Some people cried, while others were filled with Dharma joy. Some felt as if they were meeting the Buddha from 2500 years ago. These feelings and emotions demonstrated that the relic is very much alive and living.

Venerable Master Hsing Yun said that Buddha's Finger Relic inspires people to be compassionate and wise. The sudden feeling of compassion is what allows life to continue on. The presence of Buddha's Finger Relic in Taiwan allowed people in the society to learn a lesson on "Life Education." Furthermore, it was not about only looking at the physical presence of the relic, but that only when people look within their own hearts, can they see the causes and conditions of life and truly see the Buddha.

(Translated by Angela Chiu of Fo Guang Shan Temple of Toronto, Canada)