Beijing Tsinghua 99 to 71 Defeats NTNU
【作者:Wu Chin-Ho】 2017-07-30
  • 圖說:北京清華大學力取台灣師範大學。 人間社記者彭柏盛攝

  • 圖說:北京清華大學力取台灣師範大學。 人間社記者梁清秩攝

  • 圖說:北京清華大學力取台師大。 人間社記者彭柏盛攝

In the last women’s preliminary match on Day 1 (July 25th) of the 2017 BLIA International University Basketball Tournament, National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU), who have been dominating the National College Basketball League, played against Tsinghua University, the champions of the Chinese University Basketball Association (CUBA) led by former Chinese national basketball team coach, Dong Zhiquan (董志權).

Tsinghua is a young team, having been established only three years ago. Whenever Dong Zhiquan (董志權) speaks to others about his teams, he smiles and says, “We are just fine! Our women’s team is a national champion. The men’s team fell short at 3rd place.”

At the start of the game, 190 cm tall Ma Jiaying (馬嘉瑩) of Tsinghua was a strong pillar under her own net. Whenever NTSU miscalculated, she would easily block shots and get rebounds. Fortunately, NTSU’s players at the restricted arc did not break down. They trailed behind Tsinghua by only 4 points with the 1st quarter score ending at 39-43.

In the 2nd half, Tsinghua’s Rongdan Luona (榮丹羅娜) from Mongolia teamed up with Yang Luchen (楊陸晨) to score 21 points, widening the gap to 69-61, leading NTNU by 8 points.

In the final quarter, all of Tsinghua’s players looked supercharged. Each of 8 players who were put on the court performed well both offensively and defensively, scoring 30 points collaboratively. NTNU, on the other hand, scored only 10 points. At the end of the match, Tsinghua defeated NTNU by 28 points for a final score of 99-71.

In this match, Yang Luchen (楊陸晨) of Tsinghua was the high scorer with 25 points; Rongdan Luona (榮丹羅娜) was close behind with 24 points. Luo Jiaying (羅嘉瑩) scored a “double double’ with 12 points and 14 rebounds (7 offensive, 7 defensive), and Chen Peijun (陳佩君), the team’s point guard, had 13 assists. Zheng Yi-Hsin (鄭伊新) of NTNU scored 19 points, and Yang Wan-Tsian (楊宛倩) scored 17 points.