Beijing Tsinghua 71 to 68 Defeats NTNU
【作者:Wu Chin-Ho】 2017-07-30
  • 圖說:台灣師範大學與北京清華大學。 人間社記者莊佳穎攝

  • 圖說:台灣師範大學與北京清華大學。 人間社記者莊佳穎攝

  • 圖說:台灣師範大學敗給北京清華大學。 人間社記者吳卓穎攝

The last match on Day 2 of the BLIA Cup featured Beijing Tsinghua University, champions of the 2015-2016 Mainland CUBA University Men’s Basketball Tournament, up against National Taiwan Normal University, the runner-up of the UBA.

At the beginning of the match, Tsinghua University started 3 players who measured over 200 cm in height. Although NTNU’s Rong Yisun (容毅燊) is 203 cm tall, the average height of Tsinghua’s starting players was still 10 cm taller.

With their height advantage and better overall rebounding, three-point shooting, and cutting skills, Tsinghua led 21-13 at the of the 1st quarter.

During the 2nd quarter, Xu Xuanyu (許軒瑜) from NTNU made cuts to the three-point line to score 6 points. Jian Jiawei (簡嘉暐) and Zhang Junting (張峻庭) also made 3-pointers. However, Tsinghua’s height advantage prevented NTNU from taking the lead. At half time, the score was 40-33 with NTNU down by 7 points.

Rong Yisun (容毅燊) from NTNU demonstrated his supreme skills in cutting to the basket and shooting to score 11 points in the 3rd quarter, helping NTNU even the score at 45-45. As a result, Tsinghua was forced to send in multiple substitutes in the 2nd half. Three of the substituting players, Wang Ke (王可), Ma Xuepeng (馬學鵬), and Qi Lin (齊麟) scored a total of 17 points to bring the score up to 62-52, a 10-point lead for Tsinghua at the end of the 3rd quarter.

In the final quarter, Jian Jiawei (簡嘉暐) scored 7 consecutive points to narrow the lead to 63-66, putting NTNU only 3 points behind. However, in the last 3 minutes of the game, NTNU’s Rong Yisun (容毅燊) injured his ankle while chasing after the ball and had to leave the match. NTNU subsequently lost control of space and rebounds, leading to a loss to Tsinghua by a narrow 3-point margin for a final score of 71-68.

All of the 11 players from Beijing Tsinghua University scored in the game. Qi Lin (齊麟), who had a “double double” with 19 points and 18 rebounds (4 offensive and 14 defensive), was vital to Tsinghua’s win.