An Inspiration from A Towel
【作者:Miaokai】 2017-07-30
  • 圖說:日本名古屋學院大學女籃,將每件衣服用心折疊,整齊地擺放在椅子上,宛如豆腐形狀,令人驚嘆,將籃球魂的精神發揮到極致。 人間社記者彭柏盛攝

  • 圖說:佛光盃最吸引人的地方,就是看見球員整齊有紀律的運動精神。 人間社記者彭柏盛攝

  • 圖說:日本名古屋學院大學女籃從折球衣的細微處,展現紀律精神。 人間社記者彭柏盛攝

“Before starting the game, the players will place their towels and warm-up clothing neatly on the chair by the sideline of the basketball court. What a disciplined team!” An audience, pointed to the bench area and told his son who sit next to him: “This is the most attractive place in the court of BLIA Cup, the court here is like the classroom for people to get the best education.”

2017 BLIA Cup University Basketball Tournament began in the morning on July 26th with the first game played by both women’s basketball teams from Japan Nagoya College University and Southern California Pioneer University. On the sidelines and court, the Japanese team showed its team discipline and played comprehensively the movement that accentuates the essence of basketball. The fans were amazed and marveled again and again.

It was anticipated to be closely competitive game between the two teams. With the prolific shooting on the 3-pointers from the Japanese team, the point difference between the teams got larger and larger. While the fans were watching the game, they found out that Japanese team not only scored best with the long shots, but also played outstandingly especially in the one-on-one defense strategy. The Japanese players performed extremely well in their discipline and team spirit. Their excellent performance left the audience astounded with the experience of ‘the spirit of basketball’.

In general, only one substitute player will go alone to the record table side and wait. However, the Nagoya College University team sent another player to go together with the substitute player for the interchange. This accompanied player will take the warm-up shirt from the substitute player and encourage her with inspiring words.

As for the remaining players on the bench, some were responsible for giving words of encouragement to their playing teammates while others gave strategy reminders. The player’s warm-up clothes or towels were placed nicely; every piece was carefully folded and put in a chair neatly in a tofu shape. It was amazing to see the Japanese team played the spirit of basketball to the extreme limit!