9 Principals Performed Outdoor for Youngsters
【人間社記者 Song Di Ji Kaohsiung報導】 2017-11-18
  • 圖說:9 principals told the story under the tree together. 人間社記者Dai Liang-hsiung攝

  • 圖說:9 school principals from Kaohsiung performed for children in the Rhinoceros courtyard of the FGS Buddha Museum. They performed the stage show, Rainbow Fish, with singing and dancing. 人間社記者Dai Liang-hsiung攝

9 school principals from Kaohsiung performed for children in the Rhinoceros courtyard of the Buddha’s Memorial Museum. They performed the stage show“ Rainbow Fish” with singing and dancing. Three shows attracted over 100 children each. Joyous interaction was exchanged between the performers and the audience.

The nine principals wore extravagant headpieces and costumes for the performance. Before the show, they were introduced with funny posture, lines, singing and dancing. The kids responded with hearty laughter. The story of “Rainbow Fish” was about a little fish with scales in the color of a rainbow. The little fish was so proud of its scales and look down on the other fish. It got isolated by the other fish because of its arrogance. The little fish eventually turned around and started sharing its beautiful scales after he listened to the advice from the crab. It became part of the big happy fish family again.

In addition to the story, the principals paid great attention to interact with the audience. Many a games and riddles were exchanged. The children not only enjoyed the show, they also got gifts to share with their peers.

Principal Chou Shuhui of Shueiliao Elementary School said to express gratitude toward the FGS Buddha Museum for providing ample learning resources, the stage show of “Rainbow Fish” was formed and performed. The idea was to teach the children it is more blessed to give than to receive. Friendship and happiness will come along with open and accepting minds. The preparation of the show started in the summer. The principals only had time to rehearse 5 times. The headpieces were created for the art festival from last year. The costumes were made by volunteer moms. Principal Zhou thanked the volunteers for their talented designs that brought lots of colors to the show.

Ms. Liu Yu Man, teacher of Siaogang Elementary School, brought her students to the FGS Buddha Museum for the first time because of the recommendation of her associates. After watching “Rainbow Fish”, she regarded these principals highly. They struck the concept of sharing without preaching. All students enjoyed the show greatly.

Chen Yingheng, fourth grader of Siaogang Elementary School, favored the crab in “Rainbow Fish”. He considered the crab very smart and it was able to teach the rainbow fish to share. Chen also learned about “Three Good Deeds” and “Four Givings”. Though it was the first time he heard these phrases, he could recite them effortlessly already.

(Translator by Karen Sun)